Township Film school I AM

We give them a camera and teach them the skills, they tell their own story

Project I AM's 'Township Film school' is a foundation that provides film&video workshops for the underprivileged youth in Langa, the oldest township in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The township youth is looking for chances to follow their dreams and express themselves in a creative way. I AM believes in these young talents and wants to support, inspire and empower them.

By a 3-week workshop program, given by professional television and film makers from the Netherlands, the students learn the basic skills on storytelling, production, filming and editing.

After graduation each students gets an internship. Besides that the students can carry on making their own videos with donated equipment which I AM brings from the Netherlands.



More than just a workshop



I AM believes in the power of film&video. It's a strong way to tell stories and reach a big audience. It's a way to address social economic problems and break down boundaries. Most importantly, it is a way to express yourself creatively.

With an annual film and video program, I AM supports township youth to broaden their horizon. Project I AM believes giving them a positive experience will increase their self-confidence and ambition.

I AM brings knowledge to the townships by gathering a team of experts from the film, tv and online video industry to share their knowledge and support the township teenagers.

Our team of film experts will provide a practical & fun program with workshops focused on 'learning by doing'. 

Our students will learn the basic essentials of filming, producing and editing videos. After the students have completed the workshops, they can showcase their experience on the I AM online student platform. Therefore creating opportunities to integrate in the creative industry of Cape Town.

Project I AM will provide the students with tools and guidance all year round. This means they can keep practicing their new found skills until I AM returns next year for a new film & video program.

" The film industry in Cape Town is growing but the township people are not involved. To integrate in this industry they need knowledge and skills, that is why I AM is important."

- Siviwe Nmimba, Local and location manager I AM -


A growing creative industry



Cape Town is positioning itself as a city of innovation, inspiration and creativity. Design Capitol of the World 2014, Cape Town is the place to be to pursue your creative dreams and offers many job opportunities, but not for those born in a township. 

Due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to creative skills like film&video production, the township youth is unable to participate in the growth of this growing film industry.

By bringing specific knowledge to the townships, these young talents are able to integrate in the large filmsector that Cape Town has to offer. Township Film school I AM wants to bring two worlds together by sharing creative knowledge.

Thanks to our Dutch network of talented creatives and help of our sponsors, we are able to bring this specific knowledge to the community of Langa and help to pursue dreams of talented but underprivileged township teenagers .