Old Age Home, Langa's elderly home

In the middle of a shack area in Langa, stands this little u-formed building that gives shelter to the elderly of Langa. It's build on around 300 square meters and offers place to 12 people. The facilities are less than minimum and all in extremely poor conditions. But the old ones look pretty happy and serene here. There is a old tiny gate around the building and a guard in front of the gate that seems to be living there aswell in this little shack with only a bed and his little belongings in it.

Our students Simo en Vukile chose this place, called Old Age Home, as a Langa story for their commercial I AMassignment; a short movie for KLM.

Nojuju, 58 years old. Unemployed but voluntering at Age Home Home.

Nojuju, 58 years old. Unemployed but voluntering at Age Home Home.

There is no money to hire workers at this elderly home. But luckily there is Nojuju (58). Every day she comes and cooks for the resident assignees. She makes the meals with the expired date food she gets from a little shop around the corner. And Pick and Pay once gave them this "very vintage" stoves. Today's menu: Pap (cooked white corn flour) and chicken stove. It smells good.
Today one of her children and her two best friends have holidays and help her out a little, by bringing the food around. The real ubuntu philosophy is all around us here in Langa. Meaning humanity to others. A person is a person through other persons.

Lucille, 73 years old and living in Old Age Home

Lucille, 73 years old and living in Old Age Home

Meet Lucille, 73 years old and living in the elderly home. She has been living on the streets of Cape Town for 13 years until a friend introduced her to Langa. She was able to buy a shack for 900 rand and has been living in it with her husband for years. Since her husband died one year ago, she moved into the elderly home as she could not longer take care of herself anymore.
She's happy here she says. Lucillle shares a little livingroom, a bedroom and a toilet with another lady. And as she quotes "The only thing we need here is a television for some entertainment. We get enought love. You know when people give you love, it's more important than a thousand rand."
We totaly agree to that. Spread the love! But ofcourse for a television you do need some money..
We promissed her to try really hard to come back next year with a television and make the old ones a bit more comfy in this elderly home in Langa.

Want to help get this television for Lucille and the other old people, living in Old Age Home? She and we would love you for that! Click here to donate.

The sheep's head lady

Meet the lady who sits on the side of a road in Langa, preparing sheep's head. This is the local delicacy known as a ‘smiley’. The cheek of a sheep is tender meat. The eyes and the brain are removed and put into a sort of stew. They say that if you eat the eyes, you will have good eye sight, and if you eat the ears, you will have better hearing. The sheep’s head is one of the cheaper parts of the animal that you can buy from the local butchery. The sheep’s heads are bought from the butchery, and then left out in the sun to dry for the morning until early afternoon before preparing it on the fire. You can buy a full sheep’s head for around R50 (3€).


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