Meet the I AM teachers, all professional film, video- and television directors and producers. They voluntary teach and share their knowledge about their profession during the three week workshop program in Langa, Cape Town.

Basha de Bruijn    Director and editor    

Basha de Bruijn

Director and editor


BASHA about I AM

"Filmmaking is the most beautiful profession in the world. You can tell stories through a combination of visuals, sound and editing. The fact that I AM gives these kids the opportunity to learn more about filmmaking is just wonderful. I can't wait to see what kind of interesting and authentic stories these kids have to tell through filmmaking. A great and instructive experience for all of us."


Basha directed and edited commercials, webseries and branded videocontent for brands like Lipton, Diesel, L’Oreal, The Flower Council and Aegon.


Alex Revers     Director    

Alex Revers



ALEX about I AM

“Knowing that giving these youngsters the opportunity to better their lives trough the profession I love the most is all I need to do my absolute best in giving them this new skill."


About ALEX

Director and editor for tv, online webisodes and branded content. Created content for brands like Rebbull, Defensie, KLM and Corona.




Maarten Post    Director

Maarten Post



"I believe storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is. With Project I Am I can share my knowledge of storytelling and try to awaken the joy in creative expression through film. We let the students experiment, find a voice and finally connect them with the industry." 


As a director Maarten has mastered productions in all the major gainers. He has a strong cinematic approach, whether it's creating programs in all scripted and non scripted genres and digital content.

Bob van de Gronde    Director, cameraman and editor

Bob van de Gronde

Director, cameraman and editor

BOB about I AM

"I am very excited to go and teach the students of I.AM. all about videomaking in a fun and practical way! It is important to help these kids because learning to film can be so easy, as long as you have the opportunities to do it. Project I.AM. offers this opportunity which can make a huge difference in the lives of these teenagers."


About BOB

Bob produced commercials, webseries and films for brands like Corona, Redbull, O'Neill, and many more.