one city, two worlds


I AM educates youngsters who live in Langa, Cape Town's oldest township. Lying in the shadow of Table Mountain, Langa is just 15 kilometers away from the heart of the cosmopolitan Cape Town city centre. Yet at first glance, the two seem worlds apart.

Cape Town is named Design Capital of the World 2014, and with an ever expanding creative industry and its luxury hotels on seaside cliffs, Cape Town is a beautiful city attracting visitors from around the world. In contrast, Langa’s sprawl of ramshackle housing sits alongside the N2 highway.

Langa is known for its vibrant, charismatic and creative identity, despite it’s potential it needs a great deal of support in the areas of education, community and youth development.

Today unemployment remains high (70%) and is directly linked with high levels of poverty. At least 50% of the population in Langa is under 18 years old. Growing up in extreme poverty leads to a lack of education which leads to unemployment. 

The film industry in Cape Town is growing but the township people are not involved. To intergrate teenagers in this ever growing industry they need knowledge and skills. I AM strives to connect these two worlds by providing video & film workshops for the township teenagers of Langa.