Meet the first six students who enrolled the I AM workshop program and graduated in March, 2015. 

All of our students live in Langa, Cape Town's oldest township. They have big dreams to build a career in the tv-, film- or online video industry. 

At this point five of them have already found a paid job in the tv industry in Cape Town after successfully completing several internships.

They are now able to provide for themselves by doing something they love. They are able to contribute to the general income of their families and they are an inspiration for the younger generation in the township community which will help break the poverty cycle.

Check out the online student platform, where all the students are able to showcase their talents and skills online. 

"Project I AM is important to me and to the youth of South Africa because it’s giving us a platform that we’ve never had before. It's giving our youth a chance to see what is out there and what is available in terms of careers and not just limiting us to being teachers or nurses. 
Nothing tells a story like a moving picture.  
When you are able to have the skill of producing and editing a video, then you are able to share that story and that picture with everyone else. 
Everyone, every town, every city has a story to tell."
- Nzwaki, Student I AM -