What I.AM. does

I.AM. is a three-week annual summer volunteer project, gathering experts of the film, video and tv industry to support underprivileged teens in the township of Langa, having a positive impact in disadvantaged communities and help create better future prospects by giving them fun/pleasant and positive experiences in learning new skills which helps them build up self-confidence and ambition. By providing them with these facilities to keep practising their new found skills and creating an online platform for the students to profile their work, we help them broaden their horizon and create opportunities to integrate in the creative industry of Capetown.

I.AM. students might dream to become directors, cameramen, editors or just to be a storyteller by being creative. We are there to help them by providing experts from all over the world who are passionate about their craft and bring their knowledge and inspiration to the disadvantaged communities. We value the ‘Learning by doing strategy’ by setting up workshops in the essentials of filming, producing and editing video’s.