Why I.AM.

Capetown is named Design Capital of the world 2014, and with an ever expanding creative industry this is the place to make your dreams come true. But not for those born in a township where poverty, crime and gangs rule.

Langa is Cape Town’s oldest township, established in 1923. Langa is one of the many areas that were established prior to the apartheid era designated for Black Africans. Today 50% of the population in Langa is under 18. Children here have to deal with problems and responsibilities that no child should have to face. Growing up in extreme poverty leads to a lack of education and problems of gangsterism, drugs abuse, and unemployment.

Capetown has a fast growing creative industry and offers job opportunities but the township people are not involved. The reasons are a lack of knowledge and a lack of skills when it comes to this creative industry.  Talented township teenagers are looking for a chance to follow their dreams. I.AM. believes in these kids and wants to help them create a better everyday life.